2013 gasgas raga

Quality and persistent improvement in the pursuit of excellence are some of the factors of Gas Gas when it comes to launching new products. The result of constant research and innovation, Gas Gas launches what will be undoubtedly the best trial bike in the world: the 2013 Gas Gas TXT Factory Replica.The bike has been developed by Adam Raga, a delicatessen of every exclusive thing available for Trial lovers looking for the ultimate machine.
The new 2013 Gas Gas TXT Factory Replica is set to be the bike of the year, receiving the inheritance of the 2012 Raga Replica. It seemed impossible to improve such an excellent product, but after the work of the Gas Gas R & D department, joined with the racing department, they have managed to raisethe bar. The 2013 Gas Gas TXT Factory Replica comes with many new features.
Apart from the engine, highlights include the new radiator, already featured on the latest Racing model; it has been optimized for better cooling, much greater than the previous (Behr). Even with lower volume, the engine responds better to this change.
Another first is the new design of the filter housing. Taking the experience of the Gas Gas factory racing team, the box is enlarged at the front, to improve the flow of incoming air.This design includes an inner barrier to protect the filter when water can enter the box. This new box has been designed to provide easy maintenance using the same tool that opens the top of the filter box. Because of these changes, the ignition maps for each engine have been reviewed and adjusted again. The new Gas Gas TXT Factory Replicamodels are assembled with a Keihin carburetor and full Kokusan ignition system.

Lighter and more stability
Moving to the parts of the cycle, first and easily visible is the new front suspension. The upper Tech forks are aluminum with anti-friction treatment and a new internal configuration. The weight has been reduced by 700 grams, maintaining the same stability and good feel as those used last year with the steel upper stanchions.To continue the theme of light suspension, the triple trees were updated with some details that make them lighter.
At the rear, the Reiger shock has been modified with a new configuration that allows adjustment in rebound, compression and spring preload. The oil reservoir is moved to a lower position away from the exhaust heat, thus offering superior handling and performance due to the oil temperature remaining stable.
The new swingarmis lighter allowing installation of chain tensioners on the inside. This design has been used in the Racing model since last season, while the Factory Replica also includes updates to the chain tensioner arm, which offers more protection from stone impacts.

Factory Team Components
As usual, the replica comes with some higher quality components like Regina brand chain, but also to complete the final drive, it includes a ‘self-cleaning’ rear drive sprocket, which facilitates mud evacuation, and is designed as per FIM regulations, with no openings.
The handlebars are Renthal brand ‘Fat Bar’, as well as the protector and grips. With the goal of trying to get the front as light and simple as possible, we have integrated the CDI map and light switches into a small plastic cover on each side. With this change, on the handlebars, the rider will only find indispensable components:Master cylinders and levers for the clutch and front brake, and following the FIM rules, the “dead-man” engine stop switch system.
The clutch and brake master cylinders are AJP Braktec brand, they are new Factory Replica models, yet they retain the same kinematic points of thrust and rotation as before. One goal of these new pumps is ergonomics:a new design avoidspossible blows to the knees from the clamps when climbing steps.
Addressing the brakes, there are several improvements, such as the one piece front caliper and the new GalferWave disc rotor. The brake is more powerful and increases the accuracy of front wheel braking.
To complete the revision of the braking system, the rear caliper includes a system that maintains the pad position when removing and replacing the wheel. All this makes it extremely easy to change the wheel, even in adverse conditions.
Also new is the fuel tank. At first glance it looks smaller due to optimization of the space in the engine area, but it maintains the same total fuel capacity. Thanks to the new tank, as with the Racing model, the ignition coil is placed in a more secure position.
The Gas Gas TXT Pro Factory Replica will be easily recognizable. In addition to, obviously, the same stickers as Adam Raga’s competition bike, the chassis will be marked with a plaque that identifies each and every individual motorcycle in this edition, which is limited to 750 units